Secondhand Booksellers

Everyone loves interesting old book inscriptions.

We'd love to encourage people to buy them in your bookshop and then have fun by trying to return them to the original owner, or their descendents.

If you'd like to take part ...

  1. Simply keep a few books on a shelf that have the original owner's name and other details written inside. Vintage children's books are perfect for this.
  2. Display a small sign next to the books, inviting customers to visit LongLostBook.com to see how it works.

We'll list your bookshop on the website as a participating bookseller, so that people will know you're a great place to visit if they are looking for a long lost book.

You could also generate a lot of free PR on social media and in the local press by taking part. Stories like this can be incredibly viral and a real boost to business.

There is no charge to list your bookshop of course.

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